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1947 Packard Clipper For Sale

Leeds, Massachusetts

Ask the man who owns one

"The Packard"

I fell into possession of ‘The Packard’ as we call it in the family from my grandfather-in-law. He was the black sheep of the family in that he did his own thing. He had two loves, music and cars. He was a master craftsman specializing in harpsichords and antique instruments. When he retired he sought out the family car of his youth - a 1947 Packard Clipper.

He spent his small savings on it, picked it up in Texas from the original owner and drove it solo cross-country back to his residence in Florida.

Pretty awesome.

A few years later he moved to New England to be closer to family and refused to part with his beloved car. It was his pride and joy, so he brought it with him.

He drove it the 2 miles to pick up his paper every morning in town and more often than not was gone a few hours instead of a few minutes, basking in impromptu conversations with strangers. Few things bring people together like a beautiful antique car.

When he passed the Packard was kept by family but not driven. It sat as a beautiful, albeit sad, lawn ornament.


I moved to New England from the West coast shortly after and said I wanted the car. On one of our last visits with him, we took turns driving as he showed it off around town. It’s a gorgeous vehicle, that packs a punch. Over the past year we’ve been working to restore it to its former glory.

The wonderful folks at David’s Auto have picked up where I, and my mechanic limitations left off and is now in temperature controlled storage.


If it’s so sweet, why are you selling?

The short answer- I’m selling because I have to, not because I want to.

The more detailed answer - I want to drive this car to Herrell’s Ice cream on Sundays with my kids as a treat and take my wife on a date to the Drive-In on long summer nights. I want to cruise down King Street on cruise nights and park in the Packard Only parking spot in front of Packard’s in Northampton.

The reality is that I have two small children and a recent severe financial set back means I have to part with this vehicle, no matter how heartbreaking.

Does it run? 

Yes, complete with a new custom fuel tank, flushed lines and fuel pump. 

Work List and Status
  • Needs hydraulic brake work (lines, bleeding, etc) .
  • Needs tires. (Gramps insisted on driving in show tires...who can blame him?)
  • Trunk floor panel is patched.
  • Upper rockers inside the doors are rough, but the rest of the car is solid.
  • Custom frame work to house the 350/350 combo.

Ready to find out more?

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Many Thanks to

Packard Clipper Magazine Ads circa 1946-47